A Tour to Sønderborg

Hej, everybody!

Lots to discuss in today’s post, mostly on the topic of my recent short study tour to Sønderborg in southern Denmark as well as the entirety of “core course week” at DIS.

Battlefields, Monuments, and Really Good Cake

Core course week at DIS is a week-long period dedicated to core course material, and a subsequent trip to a location relevant to the area of study.

My core course, Competing Narratives: Modern European History, began with a 2-day seminar in Copenhagen. We discussed the theme of border regions and German/Danish border history, conflict, and WWII. My class visited The National Museum in Copenhagen as well before departing to Southern Jutland (specifically to the city of Sønderborg) and northern Germany (Flensburg).

The purpose of visiting these two cities and touring battlefields, monuments, museums, and cities was to reinforce my core course’s “focus on Denmark and its neighbors to deconstruct Danish national myths and how these historical interpretations shape current Danish memory and identity”.  My professor led us to each historical site, and was coincidentally born in the city of Sønderberg, which provided a unique local perspective to our trip!

Although I was very exhausted by the end of core course week (I hit my maximum step count of 14,000 one of the days!), I was thrilled to have the opportunity to visit historical locations deeply rooted in the history of Denmark and Europe. Core course week was also an excellent way to get to know my classmates and form friendships before our long study tour to Warsaw and Berlin this March! The excitement is already building up!

To see pictures from my short study tour, take a look at the gallery “Denmark Photos” at the bottom of my blog! The cake I mentioned is featured in these photos! 🙂 The captions of my photos provide more depth and historical context on the exact sites my class toured.

Rare Sunshine in Vienna

The weekend before core course week, I took a trip with several of my college friends and a few other friends from DIS to the city if Vienna, Austria. Vienna was actually not one of the cities on my bucket list for visiting, however, my friend Caroline found an Airbnb for a fantastic price right outside the city- and it could fit all 9 of us!

Vienna was uncharacteristically warm and bright for the duration of our weekend stay! The beautiful weather definitely amplified the overall experience we had in the city. Some of the places we toured included the Spanish Riding School, Schönbrunn Palace, and a range of delicious cafés and restaurants. Photos are included in the “European Cities” gallery to the right side of my blog!

What’s Happening Next

Back to my normal DIS routine now! A full week of classes lies ahead of me, and I also want to try out some more restaurants in Copenhagen. I received plenty of recommendations from friends at DIS, and my goal for this week is to venture to at least two new places, and add them to my list of “Finola-Approved Spots”.

I am looking to post again mid-week on how things are going here in Copenhagen. As always, thank you for following along on my adventures!

Much love,

Finola 🙂


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