Being a Tour Guide in Copenhagen

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the beginning of May! I apologize for the longer than usual gap between my last blog post and today’s post. I have been wrapping up my semester here in Copenhagen, writing final papers and studying for exams. I also had the pleasure of showing two guests around Copenhagen- Hari (boyfriend) a few weeks ago, and Holly (a college roommate) this past weekend. Today’s post will discuss how I played “tour guide” for both of my guests. I am also looking forward to having my Mom here from Thursday to Tuesday, and being a tour guide for her as well before I head back to America.

Brunch- A Fan Favorite

The food in Copenhagen is generally delicious, and brunch is a must! There are plenty of trendy restaurants with extensive brunch menus that feature new twists on avocado toast, egg sandwiches, fruit and pastries, and refreshing smoothies and coffee. My favorite spot is the Union Kitchen, which is where I took Hari. They have the best cappuccino in Copenhagen! Holly and I biked to a restaurant called Souls and each of us ordered an acai bowl (smoothie bowl topped with fresh fruit and granola) which was even better than the acai bowls at my favorite place back home!

The Must-See Sites and Restaurants

After brunch, I took each guest to the most famous and picturesque site in Copenhagen, Nyhavn Canal. This is the best place to snap photos or hop on a canal tour if the weather is nice. Hari and I took a canal tour from the Nyhavn dock, but Holly and I chose to visit the trampolines near the canal instead, which were different but equally enjoyable experiences!

Holly and I by Nyhavn Canal

Later in the afternoon, I showed both of my guests around the DIS area where my classes are located. Hari and Holly each commented on how close my classes are to the shopping center (Strøget) and to the main canals. I then decided to show Hari around Strøget before taking him to the Round Tower (Rundetårn), an old observatory that has an outdoor viewing area at its top. Holly and I also shopped a bit at Strøget, but we decided to climb to the top of the spiral at Church of Our Savior instead of Rundetårn. Each view that these two structures offered of the city and canals was stunning- although the climb up Church of Our Savior was considerably steeper and a bit more frightening!

View from the top of Church of Our Savior

For dinner, I took two different approaches. Hari and I chose to go to Høst, a Nordic-style restaurant with a fixed 5-course menu. My favorite dish was grilled Norwegian lobster with tomato atop a Belgian waffle! Holly and I decided to get sushi from The Glass Market for dinner, which is an upscale indoor marketplace with lots of different food vendors to choose from.

If we had more time, I would have taken Hari and Holly to Reffen, an outdoor street food market located right on the water! I look forward to taking my Mom there when she visits me, and touring some of the Copenhagen castles with her.

The “Lobster Waffle” from Høst

What’s Coming Up

Sadly, I will be leaving Copenhagen in nine days 😦 I cannot believe that this incredible four month adventure is coming to an end! I will share my final reflections on my entire study abroad experience in a lengthy blog post once I return home. For now, thank you very much for following along on my adventures, and I’ll see you all soon!

Much love,



One thought on “Being a Tour Guide in Copenhagen

  1. Fortune

    Finola … just want you to know how much I’ve enjoyed sharing your adventures with you. You’ve brought Europe back to life for me! Looking forward to seeing you soon and hearing more.

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